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Here are more from my trip to California. Funny to notice how Ben is in all of these images, when my other friend Austen was there the whole time. I’ll only be posting a few more, but thought I’d share some of my favorites for now. Here’s a recap of the trip:

Ben and I flew to San Francisco, after spending an arm and a leg to get the bikes through check-in. Because the bikes are super light and minimal, it was easy to reconstruct the bikes outside of SFO in the BART station once we flew in. We biked around the city for the afternoon, then made our way with the train across the bay to Walnut Creek where Austen works. We spent nights at his house out in the garage talking photo and bike things and biking around his awesome (and hilly) neighborhood. We spent one whole day in the city mashing up and down hills, seeing Austen hit a car and fly over the hood, eating lunch in the park, and getting some wicked views until about 1am. The last few days we spent taking apart and destroying my silver frame because the seatpost decided to become one with the frame (click here to view some of the images). ahhhh!

since we weren’t able to remove the seatpost with ammonia, liquid wrench, etc, twisting it out was last resort…but it didn’t work and actually ripped the top off. The amazing pasrt of the story though, is that Austen is letting me borrow an old Specialized frame until I buy a new one. here’s how it looks. should be sick.

Ben and I spent the last day hanging out, enjoying the weather, and relaxing. We also drove over to the nw coast and hit up muir beach. It was foggy and raining, nothing short of what I expected, but awesome and epic nonetheless.

The trip was a success, and the best part about it ending, was that we came home to 50 degree temperatures!

Quick little recap, and like I said, I’ll be posting some more images soon (sadly none of Austen hitting the car!) Since then I’ve been just catching up on work, spending some much needed time with Diana, and also visiting my parents. From now until May I’ll devoting about 75% of my time in the architecture studio, and the remaining percentage working with new clients, editing, spending time with my girl, and hopefully some sleeping.

Extremely excited for the coming months, so much is in store.

One little tidbit of info: I found out my German “brother” (I was an exchange student in high school) will be coming to stay with me and my family again in May, which I can’t wait for. I haven’t seen him since last year when I was there, should be interesting to finally spend some more time with him again.

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