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Malin & Goetz at their Chelsea store last summer. Shot for Wantful.

Boxing Rodney. Gleason’s in Dumbo.

Taylor Pemberton vs NYC.

Taylor Pemberton and the lava floors of the Ace Hotel. NYC // (http://collin-hughes.com)

John Poisson. NYC // (http://collin-hughes.com)

Taylor and the Ace. NYC // (http://collin-hughes.com)

Taylor Pemberton. NYC // (http://collin-hughes.com)

Taylor Pemberton. NYC // (http://collin-hughes.com)

Paulo Dourado in NY. Dec 2010 (http://collin-hughes.com)


The Club At Work. Photo by Collin Hughes.

Check the photos I shot of Madbury Club in Brooklyn from last month.

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce