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Tokyo, Japan

Sean Hotchkiss in Paris

Singin in the rain with the folks at @paperantler

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I’ve been taking the past week to sit back and enjoy my freedom from the studio, but I’ve been keeping busy still while ramping up for all the summer work that’s ahead. In the past week I’ve shot a wedding, a band, and an engagement shoot, not to mention a couple personal projects and friends. Lots of images to go through, but here is one with my friend Taylor, who I have recently started hanging out and biking with. He’s a good kid, and was kind enough to be a model for me while I had another younger kid named Spencer shadow me. It was rainy that day, but everything worked out well with the location and it set a good mood. It also ended well with some great pizza from a place none of us had ever heard of. There are so many good images from this shoot, but I tried to show most of them without making it too long.

Rewind to a few weeks ago, when sleep was a commodity and there was no such thing as “it can wait for tomorrow.” A lot happened during this past semester, especially in studio. As I am applying for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree, I was told to prepare a portfolio of some of my work. I omitted a section of drawings and some of my photography work which is in the final printed version from this image to keep it short, but you can view it here: portfolio

It turned out well, and it looks even better in print. Thanks to Wallace Carlson for that!

When I was in high school I spent 3.5 months in Germany as an exchange student, and my host family was probably the coolest you can find. Since then either my family goes to visit or they come visit us every year, and so since I was there last May, my german host brother Daniel is coming to visit. He should be here for a couple weeks after he arrives on Saturday, so I’m excited for all that we have planned!

I’ve received a few emails over the past few days from a lot of different viewers and it’s made me super stoked to hear from everyone! I appreciate all the feedback and questions, so keep them coming!

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce